All You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington Hills

Wisdom teeth extraction is the surgical removal of your third and final set of molars which are your wisdom teeth. Not everybody’s wisdom teeth emerge out gracefully without causing havoc. At times, they emerge out at an angle, going frontwards, backward or sideways. At other times, there’s no room left for it to come out, and as a result, emerge out partially. Such a condition is called as impacted wisdom teeth. Eventually, problems like tooth decay, crowded teeth, infection, pain and cysts will be associated with this set of teeth. Hence, to put an end to all this, extraction is one of the solutions to get rid of these problems.

Impacted wisdom teeth that grow only partially result in a lot of dental problems. It becomes a site where food and bacteria can get trapped leading to tooth decay, gum disease, cysts, cellulitis, abscess and pericoronitis. Many of these wisdom tooth-related problems can be fixed with just antibiotics or an antiseptic mouthwash. But if these don’t work either, then your dentist would recommend you to go for a wisdom tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth extraction procedure:

Before the extraction takes place, an X-ray of your mouth will be taken. Next, anesthesia is administered to numb the area surrounding the wisdom teeth. Some people suffer from anxiety about the procedure, but sedatives can help them remain calm and relaxed during the procedure. If the teeth have not come out through the gums, then a small incision is made to make them accessible. Also, before taking them out, the dentist widens the tooth socket by rocking them back and forth.

At times the teeth might be required to be cut into smaller pieces to get them removed easily. If they are broken, it’s well and good as the need to make an incision will be minimal. Depending upon individual cases, the duration of the procedure will vary accordingly from up to a few to 20 minutes, if the situation looks very complicated. And all the while when you are sitting as the dentist is working on your teeth, you wouldn’t even feel a thing as the power of anesthesia will have its full effect on them.

After the procedure:

After the surgery, your dentist will advise you on some precautionary measures that you’ll have to strictly follow in order to allow complete healing at the site of tooth extraction. Avoid drinking through a straw as the sucking action would dislodge the blood clot, necessary in the healing process. Eat soft foods such as yogurt and applesauce as it is easy to flush them out and prevent infections. Never eat extremely spicy, chewy, or foods that get stuck around your teeth. Smoking and chewing tobacco products are a strict no-no. They can delay the healing process, further adding to your troubles. Also, stay away from strenuous activity for a week to ensure quick recovery of the wound.

The benefits of wisdom teeth extraction are plenty, some of which are reduced pressure, gum sensitivity, inflammation, tooth sensitivity, cavities, discomfort, and eliminates crowding of the teeth. So if you find any of these problems bothering you, then come down to our office for a wisdom teeth extraction as well as a new lease of life. We are always delighted to be of service to the community, including people from Barrington, IL; South Barrington, IL; Barrington Hills, IL; Inverness, IL; and Hoffman Estates, IL.

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