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If you ever happen to have cracked, misshapen, discolored or gaps in front teeth, then dental veneers can rectify these problems. Dental veneers are thin shells that replicate the look of natural teeth. They are fixed onto your teeth, usually the ones in front, giving you a smile that you’ve always been waiting for. Usually, three appointments are required to get dental veneers: the first, a consultation with the dentist to verify if you are the right candidate; the second to make the veneers; and the third to apply them.

Dental Veneer procedure

During the consultation, the dentist will check whether you have any cavities, the habit of grinding teeth, or gum diseases. He will explain the procedure and tell the pros and cons of the treatment. In your next appointment, an impression of your teeth will be taken. Then he will prepare your tooth to receive dental veneers. The dentist will first shave off the front part of your teeth to the amount equal to the thickness of the veneer which is to be fixed. Then an impression of your teeth is taken again and sent to the laboratory to get your dental veneers ready. Temporary veneers will be fixed till you get the permanent ones.

On the day of your third appointment, local anesthesia will be administered; the temporary veneers will be removed and your dentist will clean your teeth to ensure that there is no presence of bacteria. The dental veneers are then etched to ensure strong bonding and are cemented onto the shaven tooth. A special light is then flashed on your tooth to get the dental veneers attached to it.

Dental veneers change the color of your tooth, making it whiter or it can change the shape of it, giving you more confidence when you smile. Gaps between your teeth can also be eliminated and cracks can vanish when you opt for this procedure.

After getting your dental veneers, care must be taken so as to make it last much longer. Always brush and floss your teeth like you usually do. Avoid biting down on hard substances and on ice. If proper care is not taken, there are chances of the underlying tooth to experience decay. To make your teeth as good as new, do visit our dental office in Barrington. We love providing our services and giving the best to the community. Your smile is perfected when you team with us.

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