Teeth Whitening in Schaumburg, IL

A bright and healthy smile can be a wonderful asset that boosts your self-confidence and aids in career growth. The teeth do not look the best when they are dull. Surveys have shown that many people in the United States are unsatisfied with the brightness of their teeth and given a chance they desire to whiten their smile. Tooth whitening is a procedure that helps in clearing stain and brightening teeth. The procedure can be completed in a single visit, and the results can be seen soon after the treatment. There are over the counter products available for whitening teeth, but nothing can match the safe, and effective procedure performed at our dental office Hoffman Estates, and surrounding communities like Schaumburg, etc. It's one of the most affordable treatments among all our cosmetic dentistry services. We take pride in telling you that our tooth whitening has helped many people in and around Hoffman Estates, CA get bright and beautiful smiles.

How do teeth get discolored?

Oral hygiene is of prime importance for healthy and bright teeth. Stain formation in the porous enamel layer occurs because of consumption of dark-colored fluids and habits such as smoking. Staining can mask the natural color of teeth and make them look unhealthy and less attractive. Teeth decay and damage are factors that can cause the teeth to discolor.

Two other factors that cause discoloration of teeth are aging and certain medicines. Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline and certain drugs prescribed for blood pressure are known to cause internal discoloration. On the other hand, as a person grows old, the teeth wear and the yellow dentin layer becomes visible. Teeth whitening or bleaching can work effectively against most of these cases.

Teeth whitening process

The first consultation at our dental office will involve a thorough oral check-up. Our dentist may restore teeth that are decayed or damaged before performing the whitening. This ensures better results. Our dentist takes pictures of teeth and records the brightness using the shade scale. Tooth whitening is a process that can be completed in a single visit. Firstly, a protective gel is applied over the soft gum tissues to safeguard them from whitening agents. The second step involves the application of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These agents enter the porous enamel layer and clear stain through the oxidation process. A special light is used during the course to accelerate the oxidation process. The whitening treatment may take about 40 minutes to an hour. The differences in the brightness of teeth before and after the treatment can be seen once the treatment is complete. Our team recommends a healthy diet and hygiene practices that can let patients protect brightness of teeth for longer

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