Teeth Whitening in Hoffman Estates IL – An Effective Solution to Brighten Your Smile

A bright and refreshing smile can easily gain attention in a crowd. It improves the appearance of the person and increases self-confidence. It leaves a lasting impression that is unforgettable. Irrespective of race or color people all over the world aspire for a bright and white smile. Teeth whitening is the most common and affordable cosmetic procedure in Hoffman Estates IL and surrounding areas.

Professional teeth whitening is a safe, cost-effective procedure and results are seen immediately. Although over the counter teeth whitening gels are available, it is important to see a dentist before any tooth whitening procedure. At our dental office in Hoffman Estates IL, we have brightened the smiles of many of our patients who have come seeking a change in their smile. We have highly qualified dental professionals and hygienists to take care of your oral health. Our experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry differentiates us from other dental offices nearby you.

Teeth whitening – What Causes Stain?

A stain is a surface discoloration of your teeth which does not come off with regular tooth brushing. It masks the teeth and makes it look dull. There can be several reasons why teeth look dull. Here are few of them

  • Prolonged use of dark-colored fluids like wine, cola and coffee
  • Genetics
  • Antibiotics
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Smoking

Teeth whitening is effective on extrinsic stains such as those of smoking, dark foods and inadequate oral hygiene. Internal discoloration due to antibiotics or genetics needs additional treatments such as veneers or crowns.

Teeth Whitening – What Actually Happens?

To understand the process of teeth whitening it is important to know the anatomy of tooth structure. A tooth has enamel, dentin and pulp layers one below the other. The pulp comprises of nerves, connective tissue and cells. The enamel is the topmost layer of the tooth and is usually translucent. The dentin which is the next inner layer is yellow to brown in color. If the enamel layer is thin or worn down, the color of the dentin is seen through giving a yellow or brown color to the tooth. In such situations teeth-whitening may not be effective as the discoloration of the tooth is due to the yellow dentin and not because of stained enamel.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

Enamel’s porous nature attracts stains which adhere to its surface. This masks the natural color of the tooth making it dull and lifeless. Teeth whitening removes these stains effectively and revitalizes your smile.

Teeth whitening is a process where chemical agents are used to remove the stained layer and brighten teeth. Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide are commonly used in teeth whitening process. The concentration and use of these chemicals should be within the range prescribed by the American Dental Association.

Professional Teeth Whitening - A Safe Option

A professional teeth whitening process is always safer than using over the counter products. The treatment starts with evaluating oral health and treating the dental infection. The color of the natural teeth is gauged using a shade scale. This can be used to show the difference in brightness of teeth before and after treatment. Our cosmetic dentist takes necessary safety measures to protect gums and continues with the treatment. After the treatment, our dentist takes time in explaining how to maintain the result for long.

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