Endodontics/ Root Canal Treatments In Hoffman Estates, IL

A Root Canal or Endodontics is a process of saving an injured or diseased tooth. During the procedure, the nerve and infected pulp are removed and the inside part of the tooth is cleaned and a filling is placed to seal the space. It is a straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. Decades ago, root canal treatment was often painful but with the advanced technology in dental and local anesthetics, it has become a painless process and extremely effective.

To understand the endodontics treatment it is important to understand the anatomy of the tooth. Under the white enamel and hard layer called dentin, there is a soft tissue called the pulp. The pulp chamber contains the blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The pulp is an important factor during the development and growth of the tooth.

Endodontics/ Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp inside the root canal becomes infected. The infection can have a variety of causes like tooth decay or crack in the tooth. If a pulp infection is left untreated it can lead to an abscess and can cause pain.

The infected pulp is carefully removed to clean the root canal and sealed with a dental filling material. Once the root canal is in shape, a crown is placed to protect the tooth and restore it to full function. With the help of modern techniques, the dentist makes sure that the procedure is painless and patients feel comfortable during the procedure. After the completion of treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive. This discomfort can be overcome by following the prescribed medication by our Endodontist Dr. Patel in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Endodontics Step-By-Step Treatment Procedure:

Endodontics treatment can be performed in one or two dental visits and involves the following below steps:

  1. Our endodontist examines the tooth and takes a radiograph of the tooth using x-rays. Before beginning the process the tooth is made numb using a local anesthetic. After making the tooth numb a small layer which is known as "Dental DAM" is placed over the area to keep it clean and free from saliva during the procedure.
  2. In the second step, the crown of the tooth is made open. A very small instrument is used to clean the pulp chamber and the root canal. At last, the instrument is used to shape the space for filling.
  3. After the space for filling is cleaned and shaped, our endodontist fills the pulp chamber and root canal with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. This gutta-percha is placed with an adhesive cement to ensure the complete sealing of root canals. In most of the cases, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening, it will be removed by our dentist before the tooth is restored.
  4. At the final visit with our endodontist in Hoffman Estates, IL you will have a crown placed on your tooth to protect and restore it to full function. If your tooth lack to hold the restoration in place, our dentist may place a post inside the tooth.

What Are The Signs That Root Canal/Endodontics Treatment Is Needed?

Sign that you may need a Root Canal treatment:

  1. Severe toothache pain upon chewing.
  2. Sensitivity to hot or cold temperature.
  3. Swelling in nearby gums.
Benefits of Root Canal Treatment:

There are many reasons why root canal treatment is a wise choice to save your natural tooth. Below are some Benefits of choosing a Root Canal treatment.

  1. Pain-Free Procedure.
  2. Cost Effective.
  3. Appealing Good Results.

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