Root Canal Treatment - Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington hills, IL

Why Root Canal?

At times decay due to bacteria can extend to the root canal ; the innermost part of the tooth. a root canal treatment helps you relieve the stabbing pain that you experience when the tooth decay is affecting the pulp of the tooth. the pain is caused due to the infection of the pulp. a root canal treatment involves the removal of this infected pulp from the root canal and replacing it with a biocompatible material. it terminates the excruciating pain, but leaves the tooth dead. nonetheless, it does get its nourishment from surrounding tissues.

Root Canal Procedure

First, your endodontist will numb the gums with local anesthesia. Then he will place a dam to keep the tooth isolated. This is to ensure that the tooth remains dry and clean while your dentist works on it. The endodontist will make a hole on the top portion of your tooth to access the pulp chamber that is within. Then with tiny dental tools, your dentist will remove out the infected pulp and widen out the root canal chamber. Filing is done to remove the decayed sides of the chamber and to facilitate its sealing. After this, with the help of water or a saline solution, the debris, bacteria, and toxins are flushed out. The dentist will also use an anti-microbial solution to prevent further decay. The next process involves the insertion of a biocompatible material called gutta percha. The opening is then temporarily sealed. After a few weeks, you’ll have to visit your dentist again to get a crown for your tooth

Advantages of Root Canal treatment

There are many advantages to getting root canals. With root canals, one can get rid of the unbearable pain and also get to keep their natural tooth instead of going for an extraction, which poses a lot of other risks. After a root canal treatment, the tooth can function normally minus the pain. If opted for an extraction, then you’ll encounter the problem of shifting teeth and gaps, which inevitably leads to decay in other areas. Also, with a root canal treatment, the biting force and sensation that is experienced would be as normal as before, and since your natural tooth is retained, your beautiful smile is also retained.

After treatment

After a root canal treatment, absolute care must be taken to avoid future problems. Brush your teeth twice and floss once daily. Use an anti-bacterial mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene. Eat foods that are soft, and which do not put much pressure on your restored tooth. To be on the safer side, avoid biting in the area of your restored tooth. If your endodontist has retained some nerves, then you might experience sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks. So, avoid them altogether. Also, do not eat sticky or chewy foods as they might undo the crown which has been fitted onto the damaged tooth.

Get rid of pain and gain a new lease of life with root canals. Dr. Ankur Patel at Caring Smiles Dental, Hoffman Estates, IL is a professional at saving your tooth in distress. He loves to treat teeth so that people can smile with glee for Hoffman Estates, Barrington, South Barrington, Barrington hills and the surrounding areas. So, don’t wait till it’s late; come down for a dental check-up or call at 847-744-8338.

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