Dental Implant is a titanium anchor placed firmly into the jaw bone to hold the artificial teeth. It is one of the best solutions for replacing the missing tooth because its functionality and aesthetic are as close as possible to the natural tooth. To receive implants, your gums must have adequate bone to support the implant. When the dental implant placed in your bone, they fuse to your jaw bone and become a sturdy base and provide stable support for your artificial teeth. After getting dental implants you will rediscover the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh, and enjoy life.

Dental Implant procedure:

It is a surgical procedure done in several stages; you can discuss with our Dentist Dr. Ankur Patel and clear all your worries before the treatment. Dr. Patel will do a full and thorough evaluation including X-rays and teeth model to ensure dental implant will closely match your natural teeth. During treatment, Local anesthesia or IV for oral sedation are used to eliminate the discomfort. A dental implant is made of titanium which is lightweight, strong and biocompatible and an abutment that holds a false tooth.

During treatment quality and quantity of jawbone is assessed if you need a little extra bone then it is added to give the implant site a more solid foundation called as bone grafting. If enough bone density is present then the damaged tooth is extracted followed by the implant placement procedure at the same appointment.

Once the jaw bone is strong and ready for the implant, then the jaw is bone is drilled using special drill and tools to place the titanium post. Due to the special property of the titanium, it gets easily fused to a bone called osseointegration. This process can take anywhere around 3-6 months. A healing cap is placed over the implant and the gum is stitched.

When the healing and osseointegration are completed an internal screw called an abutment is screws into the dental implant upon which the artificial tooth will be placed later.

As your gums get healed, the impression of your mouth and teeth will be taken so that they can be used to make the artificial tooth or crown.

After Surgery

Our dentist suggests and recommends taking care of your oral health after surgery. Usually, after surgery; swelling of the face and gums, bruising of the gums, pain at the site of your implant surgery and discomfort may happen. If any of these symptoms get worse then call our dental office immediately.

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