When you have a damaged or missing tooth that left untreated will cause the problem to adjacent tooth gradually. The natural teeth have a major role in cutting the food and grinding them properly. If a tooth is lost the grinding capacity will be reduced and loads over neighboring teeth or else the food particles get stuck in the missing tooth space. At this time you may face serious problems to the remaining natural teeth by allowing them to move into the gap. It is also noticed that the missing tooth causes gum disease, decay, bleeding, etc. In order to prevent the natural teeth damaging from the lost tooth, it is important to fill the space of a lost tooth with plenty of dental restoration options. You can restore the missing tooth with several options such as root canal treatment, dental implants, dental bridges, dental veneers, etc., but, the Dental Implants Surgery is the best among all other options to restore it for long duration.

Why Dental Implants Option is Best?

Dental Implants have the ability to integrate with the jawbone and also supports the natural teeth functioning. Implants Teeth have long life durability, looks like natural teeth, works like original teeth and avoids in causing decay on the implant tooth.

Dental Implants Surgery and Procedure.

Dental Implants treatment is a surgical process which may carry in 2-3 stages over 4-6 months. For the new patients, the first stage includes basic dental examination, medical history check-up, and full mouth x-ray, etc.

In the next step, the dentist will check-up whether the jawbone is suitable to perform the implant surgery. If the jawbone is thin or insufficient to hold the implants teeth then a dental specialist will advise going for the bone grafting surgery prior to the dental implants surgery. Bone grafting is a small surgical process that involves taking out the section of bone tissue from different part of your body and grafting it in the jawbone to make it thick in order to hold implant tooth pressure. This procedure may last from a few weeks to a month.

Once the jawbone is prepared the next stage of implant teeth surgery can begin. The jawbone is drilled with special dental tools and an incision is made to put the titanium metal post(implant teeth) into it. The titanium metal post acts as a root of the tooth in the jawbone. After this, the dentist will allow you to take rest as this metal post needs to fuse with the jawbone and this fusion process is called 'osseointegration'. This fusion process takes around 3-4 months to heal it completely. During this period you may feel uncomfortable or minor tooth sensitivity and you are recommended to take the pain killer medicines under the prescription of your dentist. Also, keep in mind, you should take care of your oral hygiene very seriously and sensitively like avoiding alcohol, smoking, consuming too cold and hot drinks, biting hard food particles, and maintaining oral health regularly.

After you have healed completely the dentist will attach an abutment over titanium metal post. An abutment is a small piece of metal which acts as a bridge in between titanium metal post (implant teeth) and dental crown. Over the abutment, the dental crown (artificial tooth) is placed which looks like an original tooth. The neighboring teeth impressions are taken out in order to prepare the dental crown to produce accurate size and shape of the original tooth. Once the implant surgery is over the dentists will provide you the required medicines and also explain how to take care of your implant tooth and oral health at home.

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