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A family dentist helps you to keep a healthy mouth and to preserve their natural tooth as long as possible. people lose their teeth most commonly for two reasons decay and gum disease. our family dentist dr. patel educates their patient to take care of their teeth and gums and encourage them to a regular check-up to monitor oral health. this helps the patients in a great way to avoid the build-up of plaque and to prevent serious oral health problems. visit our dental office at hoffman estates, il and we offer dental services for the communities of hoffman estates, il, south barrington, il, barrington hills, il, barrington, il, and the surrounding areas

Cosmetic Dentistry:

The cosmetic procedure helps you to get the glittering smile which may get stuck due to any of the reasons like stained, shaded, crooked or misaligned teeth. A family dentist offers cosmetic procedure covers a wide range of treatments to get you the sparkling smile that you always wanted for.

Preventive dental care:

Maintenance of teeth and gum should be an important part of your life. Preventive dentistry encompasses the various procedures to address it at early stages such as routine teeth cleaning, periodontal maintenance, x-rays, regular exams, and the prevention of excessive tooth wear, decay, and fractures. Your general dentist recommends a course of treatment accordingly and then suggests a maintenance plan to help to keep in that way.

Tooth and gums disease:

Brushing and flossing is an important everyday activity. Neglecting this activity will allow the bacteria to build a home on your teeth. The sticky film is formed on the surface of teeth called plaque and hardened to tartar. Longer plaque and tartar on teeth are harmful to teeth. Slowly it will start damaging your gums as the gums become red and bleed and are called Gingivitis, if not treated then it advances to the next stage called Periodontitis. On the other hand, Sugar content food will make an easy way to attack teeth enamel repeatedly resulting in a cavity.

Your regular visit to dentistry plays a strong role to defend against the gum disease as the dentist does thorough examinations and detects early on, which can often reverse gingivitis with a thorough cleaning and your daily home care oral activities.

Visiting the dentist will get advice in time, keep your teeth and mouth in good shape and give you peace of mind as got the opportunity to catch the problem at earliest. Our office serves all communities including Hoffman Estates, IL, South Barrington, IL, Barrington Hills, IL, Barrington, IL, and the surrounding areas.

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