A dental emergency is an injury that happened to teeth as well as its surrounding jawbone tissue in the mouth that should be treated immediately to avoid major issues. Severe pain, headache due to teeth sensitivity, gum bleeding, knocked-out tooth during play is considered to be oral emergencies. If you are feeling any pain or sensitivity immediately see your nearby dentist to avoid major oral issues.

Types of Dental Emergencies

  • Severe Toothache: If you are facing sudden toothache it is an indication to a dental emergency, please visit your dentist immediately by taking an appointment. If it is not severe then try some home remedies such as rinse with salt water, put cold ice bag at the pain surface, take pain killer under the guidance of your doctor. Do not forget to visit your dentist even if the pain gets reduce as you will not get to know the actual condition of the inner teeth issue.
  • Gum Bleeding: At the time brushing and flossing if you see blood coming out of your gums do not get panic it could be due to hard brushing with rough bristles. If this situation repeats again even after smooth brushing then it could be an indication of gum disease. Please visit your doctor before it goes to an emergency situation. The gum bleeding can also be indication of periodontal disease which infects to gums. Gum disease can catch even after proper brushing and flossing, you must see a dentist get examine thoroughly.
  • Loosened Tooth: At an adult age if you have felt like your tooth is moving slightly it could be a serious threat to your oral health and chances of losing a tooth permanently. Approach your dentist as soon as possible to avoid tooth loss. Do not try to push and adjust your loosened teeth with your hand and also do not bite hard substances before the treatment.
  • Abscess Tooth: The indications of abscess tooth are severed pain in the jawbone and at the root of the tooth. Before this infection spreads out you should get an emergency appointment to avoid major damages. A dental abscess can also lead to surgery in order to cure it properly.
  • Knocked out tooth: If the tooth is chipped out or knocked out during the play or accidental fall you should see your dentist immediately. If the tooth is completely knocked out then put it in a milk container and carry it to the dentist.

Dental Emergency Precautions:

Accidental emergencies are out of our control that may happen at any time all day or night, but we can control the oral health damages which are in our control to prevent it from future emergencies.

Below are the few dental precautions which can avoid oral emergencies other than accidents.

  • Brushing and Flossing daily
  • Avoiding smoking and tobacco consumption completely
  • Do not use your tooth to open the bottle caps
  • Avoid too hot or too cold food and beverages
  • Visit your dentist in a regular interval or at least twice in a year for general check-ups
  • Drink fluoride water

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